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  • 我家的小狗中考英语满分作文

    发布日期:2020-09-29  来源:未知


    Last year我作文,my friend gave me a little dog。 I was fond of him very much。 I liked to play with him after school and he liked to follow me wherever I went。 I was very glad that I had a body guard。

    Last winter I was very busy with my lessons and came home very late every day。However,no matter how late I went home,my dog used to stand at a comer near my school waiting for me。 When I passed there,he barked two or three times then ran towards me。 It seemed that he was calling me。

    My dog not only我作文,took good care of me,but also was respoasible at home。 When strangers came to my house,he barked at them but not hurt them。 What a lovely dog he is!

    me 我作文 中学作文 善意的谎言作文

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