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    发布日期:2020-09-26  来源:未知


    I have a dog and its name is Wei Wei. It is white and yellow and it looks like a fox. It has two small ears and two big bright eyes. Its big nose is black. The nose is very sensitive and so are its ears. Its teeth are very sharp.

    Early in the morning, it will get up. It often sleeps at noon. And in the afternoon, he will go out with us to the fields.

    It is a funny, nice dog and many people like it.

    Oh, last week, my mother bought me a chick. It is dark black. There are two small ears, a small nose and a pair of black and bright eyes on its head. Its mouth is small but sharp.

    Such is my lovely chick.

    is 可爱的家乡作文 and 执着作文 制作人英文
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