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  • 关于暑假的英语日记范文

    发布日期:2020-09-17  来源:未知


    My name is Jin Jiahong, and my English name is Kaci. I’m 14years old, 37kg. I like English, and books, red, orange, pink, blue, shuttlecock, waternmelon, apple, and bananas. Yesterday, I went to Zhejiang University to learn English. Oh, here is beautiful! I make a friend. Her name is Mayun. She is from Hangzhou, she’s 10 years old, and likes apples.

    Today, I’m very happy.

    班主任评语: Very good! Keep studying hard, and I believe you can learn a lot here!

    he 狸猫换太子的故事 全职高手故事梗概 童话故事睡前故事 传奇故事
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