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    Hello,I'm Helen。My teacher says红嫁衣故事, ″Animals are our friends,we live in the same world。'' If you ask红嫁衣故事, do you like animals? My answer is“Yes。”I like animals a lot。 Then you can guess what’s my favorite animals。

    It’s a symbol of china and it’s only form China。It has black and white body。 Its ears and legs are black。 It looks so cute。 But it’s a little shy故事红嫁衣故事,so when you near them you must keep quiet。 Bamboo is its their favorite food,sometimes it also has meet。

    I think the question it’s not difficult for you。Yes。 This animals is panda。 I love them very much。 What about you?

    the 红嫁衣故事 十二生肖的故事 三生石的故事
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